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10 Components Of Weight Loss Supplements

Looking for the benefits of losing weight ? Help beyond the changes in the normal exercise routine and lifestyle control , of the base plate ? Weight loss supplements can be an attractive touting the name as " fat burner " such as " Thermo Max " . However , they do you work ? And , in the wake of the prohibition of recent Food and Drug Administration on ephedra by the (FDA), and more importantly , is it safe ?

In this short article , now , nutrition , environment gives an overview of 10 ingredients that are the most popular supplements for weight loss .

Made from shellfish other shell lobster , and shrimp , chitosan is an indigestible fiber . It is supposed to help you to block its absorption , to lose weight in conjunction with the intake of any fat . However , studies in general , it does not support this claim . Side effects , gas and constipation are included . You need to be careful people with shellfish allergies .

Is present as chromium picolinate most frequently , he was promoted in order to increase the lean body mass and reducing body fat . The results of the study already successful , but recently , the analysis of several studies to be supplemented with 400 micrograms of 200 of chromium picolinate is likely to lead to weight of 2.5 pounds per week in some people I began to think that . Without changing the weight , many other studies have shown a loss of thrust in muscle tissue and fat required. Effect is not observed in what ways Still others . Studies in several laboratories , has raised the issue of safety on many , but in the research of many people , which suggests that it is safe .

Citrus aurantium ( bitter orange )

In many cases , this plant extract is the current response to the supplement industry to ban ephedra and
( substance similar to ephedrine ) a natural way for synephrine . However, there is no research that has been published at all to indicate that it can be a effective supplement for weight loss it . And so on ephedra , its side effects include an increase in blood pressure is recommended that you avoid it nutritional environment .

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)
To increase the fat and tips for potential role of CLA both the study of human beings and animals to reduce unnecessary muscle mass , but it is not ready quite for prime time . The study of human , it does not have to be long-term . Currently , CLA has been studied in collaboration with chromium picolinate . CLA is available naturally in meat and dairy products that are considered to be generally safe.

Garcinia cambogia
Storage of excess calories and fat of hydroxycitric acid (HCA), curb food intake , perhaps , and the extra weight will contain Garcinia Cambodia extract of pericarp . However , research is an effective means of weight loss certainly Garcinia failed to prove G. The most common side effects are gastrointestinal symptoms and the respiratory tract .


Caffeine , which is the active ingredient in the seeds of the guarana plant . Guarana , can have aregulatory effect of short-term hunger mild . Devil until disabled , often it was used in combination with ephedra . Potential side effects are those of caffeine panic overdose'insomnia, agitation , or anxiety .

Hydroxymethyl butyrate (HMB)
HMB is a natural by-product of decomposition leucine , the amino acid really . HMB supplements are used by body builders in the hope that increasing the muscle mass . In a small study of some , suggesting that HMB weight training and reduces body fat and increase fat-free mass at . However , research is needed with people of overweight and obesity .

Psyllium is a soluble fiber from psyllium seed ovato. Shoot before breakfast , because you might make you feel full it , to reduce the amount you eat . Really , if you able to help ( how Metamucil is it would work in other words ) of constipation has been proven , it has not been proven as an effective means of weight loss .

The expression of pyruvate , they boast that it is possible to stimulate metabolic processes in order to reduce unnecessary fat . Pyruvic acid is located naturally within the body due to the decomposition of carbohydrates and protein in food . Several studies have shown the benefits of many supplements pyruvate weight loss . However , people also in the study , fit in exercise and calories . Moreover , the doses used were higher require daily tablet a few studies . To help weight loss , experts , weak in the case of pyruvate .

There is a level of scary caffeine brewed in tea , bitter mate . For example , is used in combination with other herbs containing caffeine and Damiana and Guarana , it delays the gastric emptying time absolutely , to promote weight loss , it was found in one study . As can be performed conclusions about keep the weight off , short-term studies were (45 days) .

Bottom line

All are relatively expensive , slimming top candidate for these popular , none has been proven but , chromium picolinate , and CLA has been studied most probably . If you've accounted for your heart to move the route of supplements already , you will recommend that you try them . However , please do not expect to first look at your doctor and miracle .

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